It's not happening Lisa, no space ships, and most certainly no strange ET's the pope of Rome notwithstanding, you're going to have to look for me in the north-east horizon; that's where the lightning is rising. You may not have noticed the encroaching dawn twilight creeping up on the world like a seasoned burglar on a deathly night mission. For those of you who are not middle aged yet the likelihood is that you would not have noticed any change, however I can assure you that the dawn twilight is rising now some ninety minutes earlier than it use to do back in the1970's. The seven seals are stolidly fixed in my hands no usurper can remove, by this you will know that I am the son who is come with the host of heaven and the clouds I ride to seal the sign. It amazes me that so many Christian commentators feel they have the right to interpret scripture on my behalf, and for money. I alone have the right to make the final judgement and interpretation hence bringing to an end the church age and the complete finishing of biblical scripture.
I am the time piece of the Father Almighty, it is my advent which heralds the end of the age and initiates the earth's (son ship) preparedness for the return journey home to the Father. For this reason am I now playing web master to inform you ahead of any religious misadventure misinterpretation and misinformation predicated by zealots, academics, and ill informed students of the bible who in truth have divided their allegiances with their politics, wantonness, violence, and need for the devils coin (lucre) herein unwittingly and wilful complicit and compliant with the devils need for a pagan run money world not realizing that their service to the devil and his world negates any real love that they may have had for Christ and will most certainly blind them to the crystal clear reality of my arrival. How can the darkness comprehend the light? These are the blind dead masses who have fallen  onto the wayside miss lead by the blind guides the educators and the rulers, the divided leading the divvy dead. In all their understanding these men of god and those not of god do nothing but lead people into the bondage of secularity, causing great hindrance confusion and complexity, instrumental in assisting the devil in his fall to the never to be realized evil new world order, which we all know is an evil old world order wearing a different ethnicity, the devils fourth and remaining masonic Roman white metal brown clay as diverse as ever empire destined to meet it's demise in the son of righteousness.
 For those of you who may be able to see the way out and are not overly caught up with the lust for a means of exchange wherein no one is able to buy or to sell without, and to all intents and purposes is the original mark of the beast to which end the devil iniquitously deceives all and shackles billions of people  mercilessly to his world of Free masonic darkness, I pray you all fare well and are not left behind standing stranded on some distant continent caught out by a sudden implementation of a marshal law brought about by some unseen catastrophe preventing you as free citizens exit from it's shores.This religion of the devil which has always been upon you in it's insidiously hidden form is all encompassing all pervasive and has been in extent ever since the time of the god king Ptolemy I Soter 1. Be not fooled the devil is a Christian Roman Freemason and all the kings of the world kiss the ring and bow down to his authority. Look for me, Stopsley, Luton, UK. Vigil