Gross Miscomprehension


This Christian idea or prophecy of a third world war is nothing short of a little misdirection, a psychological game play to assist a roman christian control mechanism, to keep us all anxious and concerned with an implanted and false Israel, their prophetically contrived conflict, and the fulfilment of a biblical narrative specifically set up to create an undercurrent of confusion, and the denial of the true son of creation on his initial cloud high arrival. I smell a mourning, and mourn they shall, I smell a smoke screen.
      The middle east unrest goes on, with the Christians awaiting the inevitable entrance of the glaringly obvious antichrist who claims to bring peace and religious unity, the worlds foremost religious authority, without whose predecessors the western world would not ever have been in a position of religious, fiscal, social, and scientific dominance, our honourable celebrity Pope Francis the Bishop of Rome. It was his predecessors who created the religion of christianity, invented the new testament, created the bible narrative and are following a road map of their own making, with the purpose of spreading a little mystery of iniquity or simply dominating the middle east, Africa, and the rest of the world if it were ever possibly with a new world social order.

         The devil has prepared a theatre of confusion by which to confound people, many have bought the bright new luciferic technological secular lie. The great delusion is ever greater, as christians await their king and lord, he who brings with him ten thousands of his angels, and a delusional style rapture with some even believing that he the lord has a fleet of space ships some of them twenty seven miles wide according to Dr. Richard Greer, MD, all ready and prepared to take them off planet, how ludicrous.

        I walk the mourning, trample on serpents who dare to contend with me for the sake of any impersonator, I judge the whole world. There will be no christian in heaven on earth, we have no religious denominations, you do not know the Father Almighty or His ways, no killer, not one, not even Jesus had he been incontrovertibly real would ever have been a member of the Family of heaven, no kill. I am here to prove that the devil and all his family of westerners, easterners, southerners and northerners are all liars, destined for the uncorked, caucasus, secular bottomless pit of hell.