The Strategy Unconventional

Oh live, yes you are, zn of the zfpyy zlmxgypy zz


Access Restricted PG - High tension ESP mind talk extemporising see all seal - Crypt Militancy m3u end the violent world order full expression xyz


Brand new streaming broadcast Guy'z radical reality radio tough talking with a mix of interesting streams and my humble running commentary on relevant and current Theophany conditions XYZ find the link in the side bar.


Guy'z we are prepping for full fire come down hot heat on a profligate world of evil selfish polluters watch the zion zenith you know the location. 
With the Children freed up in the next few coming days disengaged from the devils secular financial democratic evolutionary matrix more power shall be made available to the apple core vortex silver line Farley calling war end lawful endah Warden hill, lying Christianity will take a serious blow. 
No mercy for the wilfully deceived. Because my eye seez you Father Almighty my call is beam ick straight optical  one Almighty Father no son God beside. 


I’ve Come into the temple of your mind to kick the money changers, the cross palmers, merchandising money sucking delusionals to the curb. The whole world is in a state of profligacy, vain glorious devils talking space age fantasy. We know who you are devil, you are the problem. There is absolutely no scientific solution to any of the planets woes!


Prepare you this year for some serious networking we need to expand the circle for this numbered fourteenth year of the devils millennium. Expecting some spectacular happenings this year, be on the vigil keep an eye on the north east horizon between the months of May to June. The twilight is rising earlier in the mourning every year and I know some day soon you Guy'z are going to wake up to the "macro" my calling. Walking now the micro there's tiny and his big sky for you against all evil negative people. Look up look after.


           "And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb" Revelations 6:15

I am not basing my comprehension on some spurious personal opinion, my anointing is not some kind of aberration conjured up in some dark hollow of my mind, the ability is real and true and attests to the powers invested in me, by the Father Almighty Creator of heaven and earth. Selah

         "And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Christ shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not the Father Almighty, and that obey not the gospel of Christ" Thessalonians 1:7
          Being caught up in the air is not an ethereal transportation up into the sky, but a perceptual awareness of my arrival along with the host of Heaven, see Stopsley Skyline.

Follow The Sow Journey As One Tows The Clouds of Heaven
Just trying to make this humble supernatural glory visible to all, a prelude to the imminent inevitable full arrival. Get a look in on the infant omega micro affect before things go alpha macro. The end of secular rule and the church of the anti-Christ, seems silly doesn't it? However why not spread the good news of my arrival before everything goes viral, this will help to filter out insincere Christian rapture deceivers. The day of vindication will soon be upon the world, no one will have the excuse to say that one didn't try to warn you first by all means available (Lamb-Fair-Warner). Avoid the great delusion, keep this free no money vigil on the bookmark BAR BAR BAR share the good news, Heaven is a free arrival no price to pay for the knowledge of...
         "The son of perdition represents the "triple sick time numbered $£ price you pay" for the knowledge of my FREE freedom arrival. I will have no numbered devil society ruling over my family."
One can often be seen walking the clouds of the sky around the local area of Stopsley, unperturbed by the milling anarchic and potentially suicidal demons stalking and dogging ones every move. The favourite journey, a trip into town on the local bus service down the Hitchin road. Enthralled, excited, and buoyed by the often fantastic awesome hyperreal power cloud spectacle in tow above. One is forced to engage the twitter audience, to tell of the journey in the hope of building an honourable witnessing network. 
        Off out of Stopsley we trundle, to the Hitchin road, pass the little cemetery and onward to connect to the by-pass, then hit the round green. Only to see the figure of eight hate, pagan Wiccan witchcraft roundabout at the Jolly Topper, and the Nuwaves Heads Up spindle wormhole. Then down the hill to hit the town. With a loud bellowing shout, one enters the market hill circle and walks the main pedestrian walkway to confront the town hall. With a pointing finger knuckles knock all Ti-chi hand gesture to Heaven. Silently indicating that The Father Almighty Creator Rules from the Heavens above and all creation obviously declares His glory. Amen Selah
THE SEAL OF HEAVEN... updated 17/feb/14
The Bippip Fipgip (zbxppxp zfxpgxp) contains the graphemes of the language in Heaven, the characters being  [BC FG LM NP XY Z] to be uttered phonetically: [ X becomes i ] which is the point or dot spot period that hides the treasure female, [ Y = h,r,w ] [ Z = the, s ] [ B = d ] [ C = k ] [ F = v ] [ G = j ] [ L= l ] [ M = m ] [ N = n ] [ P = t ] [ Q=cy ] Wherever we see fit, vowel sounds a,e,i,o,u, are replaced with x,y or z for resonance and sound. Every letter is a  (zpn) when grouped together as words make a tune (zyyb) and is uttered with a prefixing z, which is the name of the the Father zz Almighty, z calibre laser beam. The two edge sword now hypercedded with the full on ESP ten edge (zxzzyzzz) Heavenly. The seal of heaven being the new name of Christ which is zcz zzcz
                "The bible reveals the Father Almighty Creator, it doesn't contain Him. He is free to act outside of what is recorded in scripture"
WHO'S GOT ALL THE ANGELS?                                                           

The ten thousand angels are righteous people who have passed on over in the last two thousand years, now risen in the ascendancy of [Zcz Zzcz] Yeshua Hamashiach Christ, known as the first resurrection of the dead. They include many people whom I have known personally. The angels encircle me on the clouds in the sky of the heavens above making visible the Theophany  (the anointed blue circle)  the blue sky thinker, they fly invisibly through the blue azure in defence of all who be leaf in Him, who is first born Son of the Father Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Amen Selah. My one hundred and forty four thousand is now become, four hundred and forty four thousand, of the fourteen tribes of Is-real no more the cursed fig tree Israel. 
Spina bifida (zpxnbxfxb), Thalidomide (zpylxbmxb), Down Syndrome (zbynzynbym), Paraplegic (zpyplgxc), Quadriplegic (zcybyplgxc), Autistic (zpxzpxc) along with all their carers, become my ready made mixed genda celibate priesthood, the inner circle in Heaven on earth Britain zero longitudinal. Iceland, Greenland, West Europe being my personal heavenly circled domain, with Mesopotamia given over to the Arab peoples, all other surrounding countries are become Hades the kingdoms of the High Priest of Heaven. Amen Selah
Had it been so that living breathing walking man would instantly be turned into vapour at the beginning of the first resurrection, there would be no need for a second. The need for the second, is to allow for the time necessary to prepare and perfect (in the space of a thousand years or so) the family of Earthly Heaven, for entrance into Heaven above. The reunification with previously resurrected souls, which is second resurrection. The complete conflagration, reconfiguration of Earth by fire, into an ethereal state. Cleansing Earth of all evil entities and negativity, those who will at that time rise up against the camp of Heaven to be annihilated by flames of burning fire. Amen Selah         

 Warden Hills  Luton, Bedfordshire, England 51.°55'22.08N 0.°24'50.4W
Gateway calling the sacred hill of heaven of which the cherubim's in the garden rule over

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